Tantra Sessions FAQ

Who will be my partner in singles sessions?IMG_2952

Your beautiful tantrika will be assisting you on your journey and exploration of your sensual self. She is a tantric spiritual counselor also credentialed as a clinical psychotherapist.  She is qualified to practice many types of healing modalities and to treat many spiritual, sexual, and relationship issues.

What is the teaching style and philosophy of the sessions?

Our tantra practice is modern eclectic and inspired by the somewhat traditional philosophies of Rajneesh Osho and Margot Anand as well as “urban tantra” work by Barbara Carrellas.  Your tantrika also brings her expertise in psychology, hypnotherapy, sound wave therapy, and empathic intuitive skills into her sessions.

Where will sessions be held?

The initial spiritual counseling sessions are held at a studio/spa in Manchester, NH.  Upon scheduling your first session you will receive an email confirming your appointment which will include the session date, time, and the address for the studio.

Sessions for advanced practice students may be held elsewhere as deemed appropriate by the tantrika and the student.

Can I book just a 1 hour session?

No, sorry.  We’ve found 90 minutes is the least amount of time needed to be able to fully connect and do the healing and spiritual practices effectively.  A session any shorter would not be able to include all of the valuable elements.

If you have any questions we have not answered, please email