Saba Spiritual Counseling series presents…

Tantra Coaching

sensualBlending erotic with transcendent, the tantrikas share fun and easy practices that promote health and wellness, encourage connection, enhance intimacy and desire, and maximize pleasure.

Take your relationship with Self and Other to a deeper level.

Your session is facilitated by a beautiful pair of female tantrikas.
Tantrikas adjust and design sessions according to your desires, however the first hour tends to be choreographed to include sensual dance, breathing and sound meditation, and simple partner yoga stretches.

Beyond the first hour you can request additional time, instruction, and practices from the tantrikas as appropriate. They will often enjoy, arouse, and perform with each other for your pleasure. They engage in fun games that stimulate and entertain as well as provide non-sexual massage for your aching muscles.
Please understand, laws prevent tantrikas from crossing certain sexual boundaries with you, so rules must be respected, but we assure you the experience is unlike anything you’ve ever explored before.
The rate is $275 for the first hour. After the first hour the duration and experiences are negotiated on your requests, level of tipping, and the comfort of the tantrikas

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