Spring Is On The Way!

Another blog update has us at a new location and exploring yet another way of creating a holistic health center and permaculture community here in the Shire.  But, more about that in a minute…

First, to update, it’s been a busy year for Saba Cooperative.  We spent most of the spring and early summer preparing the domes in Henniker to be ready for new residents and a new style of community living.

domes after 4 domes after 3a domes after 3 domes after 5

By July the structures and grounds were ready. But, another unexpected opportunity led us off yet again. The domes became the “FreeDomes,” now managed by our friends at the Quill, and we were off to Union for yet another project.

union before 1union before 2

The structures of the new project were in rough shape and needed a lot of TLC, but we’re making progress.

union after 1 union after 2

union another way 4         union another way 1         union back

The property is quite unique. We’re bordered by a river, a waterfall, a cemetery, an intersection, a railroad, a historic park, an olde blacksmith shoppe, and a senior bingo hall/ community resource center. Where else can you find all these things in one place? We just couldn’t pass it up!

union backyard 2

union blacksmithThere is still a lot of work to do both inside and out, but before long we’ll be growing food not lawns and providing holistic therapy for people struggling with dependence. We’ve already met several of the neighbors and they’re almost as excited about our plans as we are! Some have even have been so kind as to donate some plants for our gardens!

We look forward to having guests and visitors to Another Way to see our new project and share in our dream.

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One Response to Spring Is On The Way!

  1. permintic says:

    I am so inspired by what you are doing! My partner (theselightfootsteps.com) and I are making progress on a similar project. We are under contract and hope to close on our property by the end of the year. Hopefully by next summer our work will be underway. Looking forward to future blog posts from Saba and please contact us if you want to collaborate in any way.

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