Winter, Tiny Homes, and Tiny Chicken Coops

The days have been getting shorter and the nights colder, so here’s a picture we hope will warm your heart: 

As hard as we try, and as hard as those rocks are, our wood-burning stove here just doesn’t rock as hard as a rocket mass heater would. That’s why the earth sheltered tiny home design Evan’s been working on includes a built-in rocket mass heater. Speaking of tiny home designs, we have a whole new page dedicated to exploring a variety of compact dwelling concepts here: Tiny Home Designs

Remember those little chickens? Well, they’re pretty near grown up now and could really use a new coop to keep them warm and keep any potential predators at bay. Ideally, this coop would be small, mobile, and capable of easily integrating into a pasture paddock perennial polyculture system.

Saba Cooperative is in a transitional situation at the moment, but we hope to be able to offer more opportunities for you to get involved in the near future. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you, so please, leave us a comment or send us an email.

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