Permaculture Update and Visionaries Page Added

Saba’s Wholly Permaculture Bible has been updated. Now it’s no longer just a placeholder, as our first complete page has been added, and the beginnings of the species list is coming together. We’re hoping to make regular updates to the Permaculture Bible by adding at least 1-2 new pages a week for as long as we continue discovering new forms in the diversity of life here at Saba Cooperative.

This is a long-term project, as we anticipate finding hundreds and even thousands of different species of macroscopic plants, fungi, and animals living together in this neck-of-the-woods alone. And that’s not even touching on the incredible diversity of microorganisms that inhabit the soil. A single teaspoon of soil may contain 600-800 million bacteria comprising 10,000 species, plus perhaps 5,000 species of fungi, the mycelia of which could be stretched out for several miles. In the same teaspoon, there may be 10,000 individual protozoa of perhaps 1,000 species, plus 20-30 different nematodes from as many as 100 species. Clearly, the Permaculture Bible will be a work-in-progress for the foreseeable future.

We’ve also added a Visionaries page, where you can find information about some of the human members of the Saba family, and some of their individual projects and interests. Check it out, and particularly Shasta’s excellent graduate thesis: Reconsidering the Nature of Consciousness.

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