Concept Drawings and EI Update

Here are a few more concept drawings of Saba Center.

As you can see, some of the roof layers aren’t on yet, (we’re still working out the feasibility of having an earth-roof.) Note the extended roof overhangs, they might actually need to be a couple feet longer just to make sure the walls stay dry. Like everything else, we expect the design to evolve over time.

This won’t be the first structure Saba builds once we acquire land, (we’ll probably need a yurt, a chicken-coop, and a number of raised garden beds more urgently,) but it’s completion will mark the grand opening of Saba as conceptualized by the visionaries.

To update regarding Earth Island, we had the interview and received very valuable feedback.  We will be doing some editing to our sponsorship proposal to resubmit for May.  The new proposal will be more focused on the educational aspects of Saba’s mission and the benefit we will be providing the local community.  We look forward to interviewing with Earth Island again in the near future!

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