“Saba” is translated as “tomorrow” in the tongue of the native Abenaki people, and this intentional community is planned according to the needs of tomorrow; holistically creating peaceful, voluntary, sustainable alternatives to meeting human needs on physical, mental, spiritual and social levels. Saba Cooperative is a non-profit spiritual community and social enterprise dedicated to making learning and practice of many complementary and alternative spiritual, social, health, building, growing, and living practices accessible to the general public by donation.

The spiritual services provided at Saba are focused on teaching the integration of “spiritual” and “scientific” concepts and understanding the common patterns that exist within all world belief systems. Integration of these ideas allows for the exploration of many different possibilities with regard to the nature of the divine and also promotes individual freedom of belief and expression. Saba’s ultimate social goal is to promote an environment of connection, free of aggressive practices of all kinds. Aggressive practices include any types of physical, verbal, or emotional abuse, and also any initiation of force, fraud, or coercion against another. None of these behaviors will be acceptable from a Saba member, guest, or visitor. Additionally, we recognize that many members, guests, and visitors may have experienced unhealthy, violent, or traumatic experiences in the past that affect the body, mind, and spirit. To assist with the restoration of wellness we aspire to provide cutting-edge complementary and alternative healthcare and therapy treatments. In order to make these services more widely accessible, Saba will explore alternative currencies, gift economies, and a diversity of peaceful voluntary media of exchange.

Finally, with regard to concerns for the environment, Saba will work toward the promotion of healthy living, building, and growing within our community and in the world. Members, guests, and visitors will have the opportunity to learn and practice permaculture principles at Saba that promote the continued health of the soil, of the water, and of all living things. We believe if the world has needs that are not being met; we should look for alternatives to meet those needs. The visionaries of this project are currently: Shasta Stewart, Evan Pierce, White Marriott, and Rich Angell.


6 Responses to About

  1. Chelsea says:

    You all sound so wonderful! How I wouldn’t just love to be able to come for a visit one day! I am an herb and permaculture enthusiast from British Columbia, Canada. I have a dream to start a commumnity one day, before I do I would love to visit yours!

  2. Saba says:

    Thanks Chelsea! We would love to have you visit us at Saba some day, and wish you the best of luck with the pursuit of your dream!

  3. Josh Holt says:

    This looks like an amazing community! Are there opportunities for part-time housing in the cooperative housing? I work full-time by necessity, so I am seeking out an intentional community that would enable me to be a part of the community on the weekends.


    • Saba says:

      Hi Josh! Saba is still in transition, so unfortunately we are not able to commit to housing anyone at this time. Weekend involvement with our community may be an option. Contact us at sabacooperative (at) gmail.com to discuss further.

  4. boss says:

    I am a pacifist Martial Artist looking for a home for myself and my daughter to thrive in peace……I lived in the White Mountains for many years, and have references….I have raised rabbitts and chickens, and taught Tai Chi and Kenpo as health giving life-sustaining practices, and am a Registered Nurse……lindseyacademy@gmail.com…..

    • Saba says:

      We are currently having discussions about options for getting land which will enable us to begin expanding our community operations and inviting more like-minded individuals to join us. We hope to have more to update soon. In the meantime, please come visit for the Grafton AppleFest at the end of month to get to know more about us and about Grafton.

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